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Customers want more: Here’s how your supply chain data can deliver it

Posted by CeMAT Team on 09-Dec-2016 12:56:04


Do your customers engage with multiple touch points in your business? Or are you simply just looking to decrease the complexity of your supply chain? Transforming your supply chain operating model shouldn’t be done lightly, and although there are a variety of motivations to improve supply chain performance, you should try to attain clear and defined goals and objectives.

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Topics: Big Data & Analytics

How Industrie 4.0 is shifting the workforce and the customer experience

Posted by CeMAT Team on 01-Dec-2016 10:27:07

In the hustle and bustle of digitisation, many businesses overlook the core premise of Industrie 4.0. Many believe the new Industrial Revolution simply means moving your processes online, and although that’s a great start, you’ll only be able to travel halfway to your real-time data journey.

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Topics: industrie 4.0

Is your business ready for the Industrial Internet of Things?

Posted by CeMAT Team on 25-Nov-2016 13:40:27

By 2020, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet. But we don’t have to wait til then to witness all the fruits of the Internet of Things. A combination of cheap sensors, powerful data processing and machine learning are already starting to create a network of interconnected devices to make everyday life easier for the user.

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Topics: Internet of Things

Is vision picking the next big thing for warehouses?

Posted by CeMAT Team on 18-Nov-2016 10:08:56

No one knows exactly what future warehouses will look like, or how they will operate with absolute certainty. But it is looking like smart glasses will become the new norm for picking and packing in warehouses and distribution centres.

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Topics: Wearable Technlogy, Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality

4 key facts about Zara’s supply chain success

Posted by CeMAT Team on 11-Nov-2016 12:20:51

In a challenging economic retail climate, there is one retailer that is crushing sales and swooping in for global domination. You may have heard of the international giant Zara, but if you haven’t, their supply chain management strategy is worth noting.

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Sustainable transport: Is it the future of supply chain management?

Posted by CeMAT Team on 04-Nov-2016 12:23:27

Promoting economic growth through sustainable transport isn’t only great for the fight against climate change. Some of the world’s leading logistics companies are now coming to terms with the idea that transport options with indefinite sources of energy can drastically reduce operational costs for many businesses.

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Topics: sustainability

4 supply chain 2.0 characteristics to watch out for

Posted by CeMAT Team on 01-Nov-2016 11:27:42

Many supply chain professionals are on the cusp of an existential crisis; automate or become extinct. However, looking for the right technologies and building a fully automated and intelligent supply chain is a colossal task to say the least.

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Topics: supply chain 2.0

Unlocking profitability through demand-driven supply networks

Posted by CeMAT Team on 21-Oct-2016 16:32:20


Have you heard the murmurings of the fleet of drones that have emerged from Amazon’s high-tech Manhattan warehouse that fulfil customer orders within half an hour? Amazon didn't just happen on this by chance, this buzzing fleet of delivery drones is a product of a demand-driven supply network. 

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Topics: demand-driven supply chain

Reduce your energy bill with an intelligent lighting system

Posted by CeMAT Team on 14-Oct-2016 09:32:27

During the CeMAT AUSTRALIA 2016 Exhibition, we spoke with Vivid Industrial’s Head of Business Development, Samuel Redmond about the future of intelligent lighting systems and how they can save businesses costs in energy consumption and maintenance.

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Topics: intelligent lighting

4 compelling reasons driverless trucks will disrupt distribution

Posted by CeMAT Team on 10-Oct-2016 09:17:06

Self-driving cars are inevitable. Well at least according to futurist and Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil.

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Topics: driverless trucks

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