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Being smarter with industrial lighting

Posted by CeMAT Team on 13-Jul-2016 15:25:17


“We are in a new era of energy awareness. If you are a large energy consumer you need to understand the evolution of energy consumption, generation, storage and control.”

Bo Christensen, Manager of Sustainability, Linfox for Vivid Industrial focused his presentation on LED smart lighting that he estimates will be the next big thing in industrial lighting for Australia. 

“Not having the right lighting might cause pick errors which costs your business money over time.”

So can businesses become more aware of their needs?

According to Bo, you need to know what it is you clearly desire from your lighting system, what your current business requirements are, and how they may be changing within the next few years.

“If you have 100+ hours of occupancy an efficient lighting system can deliver a payback within 2-3 years. But on the other side of it, you also don’t want to get locked down with something if it’s not doing what you want it to do.”

For Linfox, data is key to the success of a program, because there is no other way to measure success. Bo recommends dismounting dead technology by measuring through tracking and reporting.

“Data is key for us. We have a varied program and we try to stay on the cutting edge. We also aim to attain high quality and timely reporting of energy use because if you become aware of something after the fact it’s too late.

We have very large properties and you can waste a lot of money heating and cooling it, and we need a lot of light. You don’t want light where you don’t need it. “

For Linfox, the secret to saving in energy usage is being able to access timely data on time, and being able to respond accordingly in real-time.

“You also need to be able to grab data from your data system so you can track what is happening” Bo states.

Being smart with energy doesn’t necessarily mean spending big money either.

If you’re looking to invest in some basic LED lights, they are generally cheaper but you have less control over the installation of them. When it comes to controlled LED lighting, you have a lot more flexibility in choice but you do tend to pay more.

On a final note, Bo recommends hiring staff or a solution provider that can help your business move into the era of energy awareness, as without a clear strategy, you may be costing your business in energy needlessly over time.

“You need to invest in knowledge people to enable to take that control over your assets and waiting is really not the best strategy as technology marches on and is changing all the time.”

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