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Highlights from CeMAT AUSTRALIA 2016

Posted by CeMAT Team on 25-Jul-2016 13:03:17


For three days, Melbourne was home to Australia’s logistics and supply chain elite. CeMAT AUSTRALIA opened its doors on the 12th of July, and holding true the CeMAT global brand, this event brought the latest in automation and materials handling to the showfloor.

This post will look at the highlights of the event, from the knowledge theatre to the biggest (and brightest) product demonstrations. The event won’t be coming back to Melbourne until 2018, and the CeMAT team couldn’t have been more pleased with the success of this year’s event. Thank you to all those who made it, and for those you didn’t, here’s a snippet of the top speakers and innovations that you’ll soon be seeing in your supply chain.


Knowledge Theatre 

Over the three days, attendees to CeMAT Australia heard from experts from all over the globe to get the latest insights and advice on creating more efficient supply chains.

Two European thought leaders flew to Australia to give keynote presentations on the latest technologies in Europe. Sascha Schmel, Managing Director for Materials Handling and Logistics at VDMA, and Olivier Janin, Secretary General for European Materials Handling Federation both gave their predictions on where intralogistics and materials handling is headed. From delivery drones to the ubiquity of big data, both presenters agree that moving into the future will be more like a evolution rather than revolution.

    CeMAT-Insider-sasch-schmel.png    CeMAT-Insider-olivier-janin.png

Sascha Schmel, Managing Director for Materials Handling and Logistics at VDMA, and Olivier Janin, Secretary General for European Materials Handling Federation (FEM), both flew in for CeMAT Australia and agreed the show was uncovering insights into the future of the industry.

Sascha, in his presentation Industrie 4.0, looked at the future of intralogistics and the way in which new autonomous vehicles interact with innovative devices to create “symphony-like harmony” on the warehouse floor. You can read all about his full presentation in our post: A vision of the future: will intralogistics become more like Tetris?

Olivier focuses his presentations on the current state of play of materials handling in Europe from big data to regulatory trends.

“Legislation needs to be supportive not obstructive.“ You can read more about his presentation in our post: Industry trends from FEM: big data, robotic automation and industry regulation.

A key theme among many of the knowledge theatre speakers, however, revolved around the idea that the customer is at the heart of the supply chain. 

CeMAT-Insider-matt-mullins.pngMatt Young, Program Manager – Major Infrastructure Projects, on behalf of Coles for Swisslog Australia presented a case study automated depalletisation in the new Coles distribution centre. The results were a reduction in waiting times and improved shelf life due to their new processing facility. This means Coles customers are able to get their favourite products when they want them, because the distribution centre is able to quickly adapt to changing inventory needs, and operational efficiencies have reduced delivery times.

CeMAT-Insider-michael-kemeny.pngMichael Kemeny, Business Area Manager – Australia at Knapp states that customer expectations of fast delivery requires businesses to improve the efficiency of their picking process. For Pas Tomasiello, Director of Integrated Systems Group at Dematic, this can be achieved by something as simple as switching from a person-to-goods to goods-to-person model will make all the difference.


Product Demonstrations 

From manufacturing origin, to the importance of automation, exhibitors at CeMAT Australia demonstrated the best of what the industry can offer to help businesses stay ahead of the curve. Key highlights included Vanderlandes Traysorter which is used by Australia’s leading online retailer, The Iconic, and the Kuka Robot demonstrated by Swisslog. Knapp also launched it’s Open Shuttle for the first time in Australia at the exhibition.

Similar to the Knowledge Theatre presentations, the product demonstrations displayed a key theme of developing both technology and human resources to maximise productivity. Despite an increase in computer based systems, people still remain very much at the core of the industry and exhibitors agree that not only does technology enable people to do their job effectively; it can also enhance their environment. 

Matt Mullins, National Sales Manager from Big Ass Fans, said: “In today’s warehouse and materials handling environment, people are vital for keeping computer and technical systems operational and we can’t forget that. Therefore, in order to get the best out of people, so they’re their most productive, their environment needs to be thermally comfortable and well lit.”

CeMAT-Insider-knapp-demonstration.pngKNAPP, a global leader among suppliers of intralogistics solutions, were also displaying cutting edge technology with the launch of its new Open Shuttle at CeMAT. 

Unlike older automated guided vehicles that require wires, magnets or mirrors to operate, KNAPP’s new Open Shuttle does not. With this new technology, there is no need to create new tracks, the user simply updates the system and shows it where to go. This has significant time and cost saving applications says Robert Seiler, Managing Director of KNAPP Australia. 

“The advantage of this system is the lower cost of installation and the flexibility of transport in the future. This means that because our system can be easily modified, without the needs to lay tracks, it can be changed quickly at any time and adapt to a company’s growth” – states Robert Seiler, Managing Director of KNAPP Australia.

CeMAT-Insider-damon.pngDematic celebrated 50 years of delivering innovation to Australia and New Zealand at CeMAT, its order fulfilment solution – RapidPick XT.

In addition, Damon, the largest domestic logistics automatic conveying and sorting product solution supplier, also showed its system in action on the show floor, which aims to deliver greater efficiency and cost reductions for the warehousing and logistics market. 

Sarah Haughey, Show Director for CeMAT, said: “Our first time holding the show in Melbourne has been exceptionally well received. It is clear that it is an exciting time for intralogistics and the materials handling industry.

You can view all the showfloor images here.


Industry Leaders Drinks Reception

    CeMAT-Insider-industry-leaders-drinks.png   CeMAT-Insider-major-general.png

CeMAT AUSTRALIA was proud to launch its first Industry Leaders Drinks Reception after the closing of the first day on the 12 July 2016. Bringing together the industry’s elite, just over 200 decision makers attended to hear Keynote Speaker Major General David Mulhall, Commander of Joint Logistics for the Australia Defence Force. His presentation focused on the Defence Logistics Environment, and the challenges and opportunities in supporting Australia’s Defence capabilities today.

The Industry Leader’s Drinks Reception was successful in bringing the industry’s elite together in a casual environment to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the industry. We hope to see you there in 2018.


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