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OPINION: Slow and steady forklifts win the race

Posted by CeMAT Team on 03-Jun-2016 09:35:46

This post was written by Forkliftaction blogger Nick Welch is Senior Technical Development Executive for RTITB, the largest forklift training accrediting body in the UK and Ireland, recognised by the HSE, HSA and HSENI.

Forklifts account for around 25% of workplace incidents, and while it’s fair to say that speed doesn’t play a role in all incidents, reckless speed is a significant contributing factor in many of the things that affect both safety and productivity. 

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Logistics Automation: 3 Things to Know

Posted by CeMAT Team on 27-May-2016 09:15:17

This is a guest post that has been provided by Mohammad Shaban, Logistics Consultant for Bastian Solutions.

Peace of mind, organisation, simplicity. These are things we all strive for in life, in work, and of course, within the four walls of a warehouse or distribution centre. To achieve these goals in your operation, here are 3 steps to help you achieve logistics automation in your supply chain.

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Restructure your warehouse in 3 easy steps

Posted by CeMAT Team on 10-May-2016 10:46:46

If you’re finding your warehouse needs more space or more efficient ways of operating, you don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Warehouse restructures can benefit your business in a variety of ways, but undoubtedly it can be seen as a large and daunting task with no beginning or end.

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Do you have a green warehouse? Here's why you should

Posted by CeMAT Team on 24-Mar-2016 13:46:07

Going green isn’t just a buzz word that makes business owners feel like they’re doing their bit; green warehouses actually offer a lot of benefits by streamlining processes and introducing cost-saving initiatives.

Logistics centres and warehouses are becoming more intelligent and more efficient, and each new innovation in technology is bringing new opportunities for warehouses across the nation to improve operations and lower operational costs by utilising energy conservation technologies.

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Boost your supply chain with wearables and augmented reality

Posted by CeMAT Team on 11-Mar-2016 13:09:25

It’s not new that the logistics industry is transforming. Developments in technology that are being fuelled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, mean that hardware and software applications speak to each other better than ever before.

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5 top five tips for great warehouse safety

Posted by CeMAT Team on 04-Mar-2016 16:43:39

When it comes to warehouse safety, it is easy to overlook the simple things that make the workplace a lot less hazardous for everyone. Establishing safety procedures in busy environments is key to ensuring that employees are in a safe environment, and productivity can continue on without any delays.

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