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Reduce your energy bill with intelligent lighting

Posted by CeMAT Team on 14-Oct-2016 09:32:27


During the CeMAT AUSTRALIA 2016 Exhibition, we spoke with Vivid Industrial’s Head of Business Development, Samuel Redmond about the future of industrial lighting and how they can save businesses costs in energy consumption and maintenance.




I’m Samuel Redman, I’m the head of business development for Greenearth Energy and Vivid Industrial. We’re here at CeMAT to exhibit with a very prestigious peer group of intelligent technologies for the industrial sector.


CeMAT: What are some of the ways energy intelligent lighting in warehouses can save money?


Samuel: Energy efficient lighting in warehouses can save businesses considerable amounts of money through energy savings, so kilowatt hours, as well as demand reductions which is becoming an increasingly large component of their bill and more importantly, through the maintenance and operation of the facility and that lighting system.

Intelligent technologies are changing the way costs are accumulated and distributed throughout a business, and they can create real value over the long term.


CeMAT: Some businesses may not realise the cost of inefficient lighting systems. Where should businesses start if they are lacking the technical know-how?

Samuel: The costs of inefficient lighting systems in industrial settings can be quite complex for clients to understand. The maintenance costs are quite often hidden, and the efficiency of that system is not clear. So they could have a system that is consuming 100% of the energy, but only producing 50% of the light.

The first start-point should be to engage some credible exports, like Vivid Industrial, who will help you understand your baseline of your energy use, and then help to propose a solution that is fit for purpose in an industrial environment to gain the most out of energy efficiency and cost savings.


CeMAT: Can you give some examples of business that have transformed their operations with the use of efficient lighting systems?

Samuel: At CeMAT here today, Bo Christianson, Head of Sustainability at Linfox, presented on the Green Fox and some of the programs they’ve implemented. One of which was a lighting system upgrade by Vivid Industrial at one of their Queensland facilities. That’s a great example of how intelligent lighting systems can deliver real benefits for organisations in this landscape. 80% energy saving on their bill transparent to them because the system mostly sentient and can report back on it’s performance. And a 65% reduction in their demand, as well as basically zero maintenance for the coming ten years, a really good example of how much businesses can save.


CeMAT: What does the future hold for energy efficient lighting systems in warehouses?

Samuel: The future for energy efficient lighting in warehouses is very much around the industrial Internet of Things. Systems are becoming much smarter, sensor networks are distributed around a building, lighting is the most ubiquitous technology that is distributed across a building so it has great potential to be a communication conduit for lighting as well as many other technologies. And that’s very much where Vivid Industrial is today.

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