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How your supply chain can help Amazon-proof your business

Posted by CeMAT Team on 23-Jul-2018 09:48:34

Retailers may be feeling a little less anxious after consumers’ somewhat lukewarm reception to Amazon’s Australian launch in December last year, but make no mistake – Amazon is just getting started.

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4 benefits of warehouse automation

Posted by CeMAT Team on 14-May-2018 09:48:49

Believe it or not, warehouse automation is not a recent innovation. In fact, the first automated guided vehicle (AGV) was invented back in 1953, while the first automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) was installed in the 1960s.

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5 tips for better warehouse management in 2018

Posted by CeMAT Team on 08-Dec-2017 12:12:29

The year is at an end, and what better time to start thinking about going into the new year with a bang than making sure you overhaul the processes and systems that could save you time and money?

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