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Why vertical storage space improves picking and packing

Posted by CeMAT Team on 10-Jun-2016 09:30:32


If storage density is a concern to you, it may be having a greater impact on your business than you realise. The net working storage capacity of a warehouse or distribution centre generally shouldn’t surpass an 85% utilisation level, otherwise you may experience a reduction in productivity due to over-congestion of receiving/shipping docks, operating aisles and commingling of multiple SKU’s or pallets.

We covered how to Restructure your warehouse in 3 easy steps to give you an idea of how to optimise your warehouse space, and we briefly touched on building a mezzanine level to provide more space on the ground level. Vertical storage is different, and offers more of a whole-of-supply-chain solution.

Generally speaking, upright storage provides warehouses with high-tech, organisational systems that provide a myriad of benefits to businesses, including:

  • 80% floor space saved by utilising room height.
  • Ergonomic retrieval process, bringing the item to reach level.
  • Ability to expand and alter storage capacity at any time.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Increased product security and reduction in stock loss.

General manager of System Control Engineering, Scott Rimes, states that for them, it was “either relocate, or go vertical”.

“We decided to implement a Hänel vertical storage system because we were limited with space, and the fact that we don’t have to use a forklift anymore is great, it means we can operate the machinery and pick our items in a safer way,” Scott states.

There are also noticeable improvements in pick speeds with System Control estimating an increase of about 30%, making it easier to meet stringent requirements of order processing.

Depending on your specific storage solution needs, it will be important to look into what vertical storage solutions will benefit you most. There are solutions available including vertical lift modules, vertical carousels, and horizontal carousels.

Hänel are world leaders in designing and building automated storage systems since 1953, with tens of thousands of systems sold in 60 countries.

Storage systems like Hänel, allow you to access your inventory with greatly improved accuracy and efficiency. Computerised input of inventory of all items in the warehouse increases picking efficiency with custom features that are available such as laser-guided location.

This will have ripple on effects into other processes in your business as vertical storage makes it near impossible to misplace items, it improves loss prevention and employee theft, and you’ll know that your inventory is safe and sound in a secure and locked location.

Alan Barratt, General Manager of Storage at Headland Machinery states that reliable technology that also saves space was a huge benefit to System Control Engineering.

Alan states: “System Control Engineering have been able to achieve their goal of increasing productivity because of the efficiency of the Hänel storage system”.

This post was provided by Headland Machinery, suppliers of Hänel Vertical Storage systems and services to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand in the manufacturing industry.

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